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Clients' Testimonials

  • "My purchase of 1158 Villaire Avenue, Windsor, Ontario

    At a time in my life when I was feeling vulnerable and at loose ends, I had to go house hunting. Due to my marriage break-up, concerns about finances, and other associated stressors, I was feeling under a lot of pressure to make things happen - and quickly. I had a limited budget and sadly believed this would limit my ability to find an acceptable type of accommodation.

    Before I contacted you I had done some research in newspapers and on the internet, and had driven around the city on evenings and weekends, trying to find a neighbourhood that I liked and could afford. I was frustrated and at times feeling a bit frantic.

    Once I had contact with you, the pressure was off. I felt much more at ease. I was comfortable with you and appreciated the personal interest you took in finding the right home for me. I never felt rushed. Quite the contrary. I never felt that you were trying to make a sale. It was all about you helping me to find what I wanted and could afford, and cautioning me when there things you weren’t comfortable with.

    Even although I was shopping in a modest price range, I felt I was getting the same level of expertise, time and respect that you would give if I had been buying a house in the range of $500,000.

    You were exceptional! I can’t say enough good about your high level of professionalism. I found you to be an honest and caring real estate professional who put my needs ahead of your own in the pursuit of finding me the right home.

    As I sit contentedly in my comfy little brick house in Riverside planning my spring garden, I am appreciating even more the kindnesses (too numerous to mention) you showed to me.

    The highly respected reputation you hold in the Windsor real estate community has been well earned and greatly deserved. You are worthy of any and all success that comes to you.

    With respect and gratitude,"
    Bonnie A From: Windsor
  • "I want to say thank you once again for the "Royal" treatment you gave me during my recent house hunting trip in Windsor. I basically had only two days in December 2011 to find a home for my wife and myself to occupy by mid February of 2012.

    At the end of the second day I had found the one I wanted to purchase and ended up buying that property with lots of help and support from you. You also made sure that I paid what the home was worth and not more.

    So my two day house hunting trip was a tremendous success thanks to you and your devoted work ethic! And my wife Janice absolutely loves the house so thanks to you I am still married! "
    Bernie Kaffer From: Windsor
  • "Rob. I would just like to say a big thanks to you for putting out the effort towards the purchase of this house. The steps you took to get this deal together, fabulous. I’m very happy this deal was finalized, and I can’t wait to see the photo of when this house is complete. No buyers remorse here.

    Thanks again."